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With more than 20 various types of testing equipment

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       DongGuan JieHong Electric Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of standard electric wire and custom Gezhongfeibiao industrial electric tube. The company has 25 automatic electric wire production equipment, 2 sets of high temperature vacuum annealing tunnel furnace, 5 sets of automatic ultrasonic mold repair machine, can produce more than 1000KG per day resistance wire finished products, with 3 sets of automatic electric tube production line, To produce more than 3,000 sets of various non-standard fever, also has more than 20 Taiwan various digital detection equipment to ensure that 100 percent of finished products through accurate testing and ROHS certification, SGS report.

        The company has more than 10 years of industry experience in the technical staff of 10 or more. Our production of electric wire, electric heating pipe for a variety of civil electrical heating and industrial heating machinery and equipment.

        For example: civil appliances: rice cookers, electric kettles, hair dryer, disinfection cabinet, and other electric appliances with electric wire.

        Industrial equipment: oven, oven, mold temperature machine, dryer, kitchen utensils, medical, packaging, disinfection and other heating machinery used on non-standard electric heating pipe.

        More than 20 years we focus on electric products R & D and production.

        Xin Jie Che-hung Gong total brilliant!

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